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[1]吴 莹,李学英,潘有福.BAP1及其对透明细胞肾细胞癌的抑制作用[J].遵义医科大学学报,2019,42(05):594-601.
 Wu Ying,Li Xueying,Pan Youfu.Research progress of BAP1 and its role on the inhibition of clear cell renal cell carcinoma[J].Journal of Zunyi Medical University,2019,42(05):594-601.





Research progress of BAP1 and its role on the inhibition of clear cell renal cell carcinoma
吴 莹李学英潘有福
(遵义医科大学 医学遗传学教研室暨贵州省基因检测与治疗特色重点实验室,贵州 遵义 563099)
Wu YingLi XueyingPan Youfu
(Department of Medical Genetics,Zunyi Medical University and Key Laboratory of Gene Detection and Treatment in Guizhou Province,Zunyi Medical University,Zunyi Guizhou 563099,China)
BAP1 透明细胞肾细胞癌 去泛素化
BRCA1-associated protein 1 clear cell renal cell carcinoma deubiquitination
肾癌在泌尿系统肿瘤中位居第三,其中约有80%的肾癌是透明细胞肾细胞癌(clear cell renal cell carcinoma,ccRCC)。BAP1(BRCA1-associated protein 1)是一个重要的肿瘤抑制因子,通过去泛素化作用发挥多方面的功能,如参与转录调控、表观遗传调控、DNA损伤修复等。最近,研究发现体细胞BAP1突变可能促成ccRCC细胞中程序性细胞死亡配体1(programmed cell death-Ligand 1,PD-L1)的表达。本文综述了BAP1的结构功能及BAP1突变在ccRCC发生发展中的作用的相关进展,以期深入了解ccRCC的发生发展机制。
Renal cell carcinoma ranks third in urinary tumors,about 80% of which is clear cell renal cell carcinoma(ccRCC).BRCA1-associated protein 1(BAP1)is an important tumor suppressor and plays multi-faceted functions through deubiquitination,such as transcriptional and epigenetic regulation and DNA damage repair.Recently,studies have found that somatic BAP1 mutations may contribute to the expression of programmed cell death-Ligand 1(PD-L1)in ccRCC cells.To further understand the mechanism of ccRCC development,this paper reviewed the structural and functional aspects of BAP1 and the roles of BAP1 mutation on the occurrence and development of ccRCC.


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